Vegetarian Lasagna with a Greek Salad and Garlic Bread

This Meal Plan is Yummy because… the Lasagna has a lovely creamy sauce with soft baked vegetables, the salad will add some Acidic flavors which will help ‘cut through’ the cheesy-ness of the Lasagna and the Spicy Garlic Bread will be crunchy and add a different texture. I also have a mix of Grains as I have chosen to use Brown Bread.

This Meal Plan is Sustainable because… I have avoided using ‘Out of Season’ vegetables and the Tomatoes in my sauce are tinned so they do not count. I have also added extra protein through using Chick Peas instead of meat which is good for the environment.

This Meal Plan has good Vege Vibes because… It is meat free but still high in protein due to the mushrooms and chick peas. Chick peas are also a healthier form of Protein than meat so it’s good for me and the environment.

  1. First, I will start to gently heat my milk, so it is hot when I need it for my White Sauce.
  2. I will then Roast my Pumpkin for my Lasagna.
  3. While that is in the oven, I will prepare my sauce. To start I will sweat my vegetables with garlic before adding my Tinned tomatoes which will need to simmer allowing the sauce to thicken. I would also recommend adding some Portobello mushrooms as well as the button on the recipe.
  4. Next, I will make my white sauce. The key to a good sauce is no lumps and to make sure the butter and flour to not go brown or burn.
  5. To avoid any lumps, I will make sure I add my milk in small batches and heat it up first.
  6. To avoid a brown sauce, I will watch the heat carefully when I am ‘cooking out’ my Roux before I start to ad my milk.
  7. If the sauce is not thick when I have added my milk all it needs is to boil and then it will be thick.
  8. Be careful when boiling your sauce as it can easily burn and stick on the bottom so keep the heat low – medium and stir it often.
  9. To make the white sauce first melt the butter in a heavy pan.
  10. Then add the flour and cook for a couple of minutes until it looks like wet sand.
  11. Now I can start to slowly add my hot milk, making sure it is completely mixed in before adding more to avoid lumps.
  12. Once all milk is added I will boil the sauce to thicken then add my cheese – I would recommend adding some Parmesan too for added flavor.
  13. By now the Pumpkin should be finished and I can assemble my Lasagna. To increase the protein content of my Meal I am going to add 2x tins of Chick Peas to my Tomato Sauce. Combined with the mushrooms and cheese this will guarantee that I get the protein I need for the day.  
  14. Now I can prepare my garlic bread so that when the Lasagna comes out the oven it can go in.
  15. I have chosen to use Brown Bread for my Garlic Bread to make it more healthy as it has more whole grains and less sugar.
  16. This Garlic Bread is really simple and the only thing to watch out for is that when you soften the butter you do not melt it completely. See video for tips. 
  17. Once my garlic Bread is ready I will assemble my Greek Salad to allow the flavors to develop while the Lasagna cooks.
  18. I have taken the Tomato out of the Greek Salad as it is out of season and will add Blanched Broccoli instead – See video on Blanching.
  19. To prepare the salad I will slice my Broccoli in Half and Blanch.
  20. Then I will Slice my Cucumber, Pepper, and Red Onion.
  21. These will all go into a bowl with the Olives, Seasoning, Vinegar and Oil, Feta, and Oregano so that they can Marinade.
  22. When my Lasagna comes out the oven it will rest for 10min while my garlic Bread Cooks and then I will serve all 3 dishes together.

Lasagna Recipe:

Garlic Bread:

Greek Salad:



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