Mushroom & Jalapeno Tacos

Recipe by Lee Haslam


20ml Oil 

200g Mushrooms 

1 Onions 

1 teaspoon Crushed garlic    

1 tin Tomatoes 

1 Capsicum 

Jalapeno to taste 

Gherkin to taste 

1 tin Chili Beans 

½ tin Refried Beans  

1 Carrot  

Lettuce as needed 

¼ Red onion 

Coriander to taste 


Taco Shells Hard or Soft 


  • Dice the onion and cut up the mushrooms into bite size pieces. 
  • Put some oil in a pan. 
  • Fry your mushroom, onion and crushed garlic in the pan on medium heat 
  • Cut up the capsicum, gherkin and jalapenos into bite size pieces. 
  • When your mushroom onion and garlic are cooked add your tin tomatoes, chili beans and refried beans and reduce on low until thick and saucy. 
  • Whilst they are cooking grate your carrot and chop up your lettuce, red onion and coriander. 
  • Toast your wraps in the oven or ding for 10sec in microwave.  
  • Build your tacos. See video below!