Pesto & Cashew Pasta Salad

Recipe By Ana Forrest 


2 cups Spiral pasta 

½ Cucumber- cut in cubes 

Big handful Cheese (grated) 

1 Gherkin  

10 Cherry tomatoes 

1 t Herbs (basil and parsley) 

½ Red Onion

½ Carrot 

2 cloves Garlic (cooked) 

½ Cup Cashews 

4 T Pesto sauce  

Pinch of salt  

1 T Olive oil 


Step 1: Dice onion and garlic into very small pieces and get a pan out and put some oil on the pan and cook onion and garlic, once its cooked put it into a bowl. 

Step 2: Take a large pot and fill with plenty of water and add a pinch of salt into the water and wait until it boils. 

Step 3: Chop all vegetables into small even pieces and add into bowl. 

Step 4: Grate the cheese and add into the bowl with the cooked ingredients and vegetables. 

Step 5: Add the pasta into the boiling water and read packet instructions to see how long to cook pasta for. 

 Step 6: When pasta is finished, pour pasta, add into a sieve to drain. After the water is all drained out add lots of cold water from a tap until all the pasta is cold then after all the water is drained add the olive oil to stop pasta from sticking. 

Step 7:  Add the pasta and pesto into the bowl and then stir all the ingredients together.  

Step 8: If you’re going to eat the pasta salad now serve onto a plate or bowl but if you’re saving it put pasta salad in airtight container and put in the fridge, it will last for 2-3  days.