BBQ & Egg Vege Burger

Recipe By Tesha, Jack & Izaak 


  • 4 Turkish bread buns 
  • 1 can lentils 
  • ½ tsp curry powder 
  • ½ tsp paprika 
  • ½ tsp Italian herb 
  • ¼ tsp chili powder 
  • ¼ carrot 
  • ½ onion 
  • 6 cm stick of celery 
  • 2 slices USA cheese 
  • Aioli, BBQ & Sweet & Sour Sauces 
  • 5 eggs (1 for Paddy 4 for frying) 
  • Oil (enough to cook veggies and fry paddy) 
  • About 2 Tbsp breadcrumbs (but you must make those adjustments yourself) 
  • About 1 tbsp flour (but you must make those adjustments yourself) 
  • 1 Tomato – sliced 
  • ¼ cucumber – sliced  


  1. Heat frying pan with oil. 
  1. Blitz onion, carrot and celery in a food processor. If you don’t have a food processor dice the onion and grate the carrot and celery. Fry in frying pan till all the moister has evaporated and they are sizzling – about 4 min. 
  1. Add spices to veggies in the pan. Cook on low heat till they smell delicious (1 or 2 min). 
  1. While the veggies are cooking, drain lentils in a sieve, then blitz in food processor. If you don’t have a food processor mash them with a masher or with a fork. 
  1. Add lentils and veggies to large bowl. 
  1. Crack egg in a different bowl, whisk egg till all combined, add to lentils and veggies, keep adding flour and breadcrumbs until burger is not sticky but not too dry. 
  1. Mix to combined. 
  1. Heat up the frying pan again with oil. 
  1. Get plate or chopping board, dust flour over it as well as your hands, shape the mixture into 4 paddys. 
  1.  Put oven on grill at 180 degrees 
  1.  Cut Turkish bread in half and put on try in the oven to toast. 
  1.  Cook 2 paddies at a time, cook till golden brown and hot inside. 
  1.  While paddies are cooking slice tomatoes and cucumbers. As well as mixing all sauces together. 
  1.  When first 2 paddies are cooked place on chopping board and cook other 2 till golden brown 
  1.  Fry an egg for each burger. 
  1.  Assemble burgers. 
  1. Enjoy!