“Chicken” Noodle Soup – Made with Jackfruit (Vegan)

Recipe by Natalie McElroy

Why is this recipe good? 

With the jackfruit and San Remo bowtie pasta, this recipe is vegan friendly (as long as the chicken seasoning you use does not contain any animal products). 

Unripe jackfruit has become a popular meat substitute to replace often either chicken or pork. This recipe also offers the chance for someone to try something new if they have not tried jackfruit before. 

Chicken noodle soup is also generally a well-loved comfort food (especially for winter), so having a meat-free option is inclusive for those who don’t consume meat or animal products. 

Carrots, onions, and celery are a year-round vegetable, so they are easily obtained, and if you want to add any extra seasonal vegetables for your own flair, there’s plenty of room for it, and could balance out some of the less nutritional parts of the recipe. 


565g Canned Jackfruit (in Brine) – ($2.99) 

2-3 tbsp Macro Organic Coconut oil – (0.50c) 

1 medium onion, diced – (0.206kg x $2.20 = $0.45) 

1 tbsp Crushed Garlic – (0.50c) 

2 large carrots, quartered and sliced – ((0.073kg x 2) x $2.49 = $0.36) 

4 celery stalks, halved and sliced – (.50c) 

8 vegetable stock cubes dissolved in 2L boiling water (1 cube per 1 cup) – (0.50c) 

250g San Remo Bowtie Noodles – ($2.80) 

1tsp Mrs. Rogers Chicken Seasoning – ($2.00) 

1 Mrs. Rogers Bay Leaf – (0.50c) 

15 g Superb Herb Italian Parsley, chopped – (0.70c)  

Pepper (to taste)  


  1. Dice onions finely as you heat oil at medium heat in large pot. 
  1. Add onions to pot with garlic and sweat until onions are soft/translucent. 
  1. Slice carrots and celery as onions sweat, then add to pot and sweat, stirring frequently (so they don’t stick to the bottom) until carrots are soft. 
  1. Add in the chicken seasoning and cook until fragrant about 1-2 min. 
  1. Combine vegetable stock cubes with boiling water and mix until dissolved (or at least semi-dissolved), then add stock to pot and stir gently. 
  1. Bring pot to a boil and add bow tie pasta to the soup. 
  1. Drain the canned jackfruit and gently rinse with cold water to remove brine, then add to pot and stir gently. 
  1. Add bay leaf and cook until pasta is al dente. 
  1. Season to taste with pepper (can add salt too but with brine and stock cubes it’s probably already a bit salty) and stir in the chopped parsley. 
  1.  Remove bay leaf and serve with chopped parsley.